About Us

Energy efficiency through the re-engineering of building and lighting systems

Our Mission

To save our customers money through the design and installation of energy efficient improvements.

Our Purpose

We will be the leading designer and installer of energy efficient building and lighting systems in the markets that US Energy serves. We will treat our customers with respect and honesty to establish US Energy Services as their long-term energy partner. We will provide an environment for our team that reflects our culture and encourages advancement, employee development, integrity and safety.

Our Culture Statement


Our firm treats our employees, their families, our subcontracts and our customers with honesty and respect as it relates to business and personal dealings.


Our team is properly trained to carry out our duties in an efficient and safe manor. Our firm is committed to provide an environment that encourages education and advancement.


The nature or our organization encourages decision making and problem resolution at the lowest possible level. Our team is encouraged to make business and financial decisions that are mutually beneficial.


Our firm recognizes behavior and actions that contribute to the Mission and Vision of the Company. Financial and recognition awards are given to team members through-out each year.

High Standards

Our Company commits to delivering a superior solution at a competitive price, which exceeds our customers’ expectation and is delivered on-time.


Our management philosophy is one that believes we are all more productive when we enjoy our time at work and team events.

Effective Communication

Our flat organizational structure allows open communication between all team members. Decisions are made locally and without undue delay.

Tech-Based Efficiency

Our firm uses technology to improve communication effectiveness, minimize mistakes and reduce paper flow..

Above the Line

Our team members operate “above the line” as it relates to ownership of actions, accountability and responsibility.

Team Players

The US Energy team is treated as an extension of our families. Each team member is given support and the “benefit of the doubt” as it relates to decision making activities.


The US Energy work environment is one of reciprocal trust and support between management and the team members. We trust that the team members make decisions based on the benefit of the team rather than the benefit of one individual.

Cottage Feel

The organizational structure of US Energy encourages an entrepreneurial environment where team members are responsible for their segment of the operation as if it were their own business.


The US Energy team members are encouraged to share ideas, work product, problem solving, social time and opinions with management and other team members.

Growth and Profitability

It is important for the company to maintain high growth and profitability. This is achieved by the commitment of the management team to provide exceptional value for the services that we provide.