US Energy Lighting Services provides both proven and cutting edge technology to minimize the most significant electrical load found at our customers’ facilities. Our designers provide the perfect balance between facility lighting needs, maintenance requirements and life-cycle cost when engineering our proposed solutions to a customer request.

Facility lighting is often considered the “low hanging fruit” in the science of energy conservation. Lighting is also one of the most heavily incentivized demand reduction measures that both public and private electrical utilities provide funding assistance. For these reasons, more than 90 percent of the projects installed by US Energy Services, Inc. includes a substantial scope of work contributed by the lighting division.

Measures provided by US Energy Lighting Services include:

  • Interior LED system installation and retrofits
  • Fluorescent lamp and ballast retrofit
  • LED retrofit of HID systems
  • Linear and panel LED fixture installation
  • Active and passive day-lighting systems
  • High-bay system replacement
  • Exterior, parking lot and roadway lighting systems
  • Occupancy-based control systems
  • Bi-level and diming exterior lighting systems
  • Digital lighting control systems

The lighting division has been very successful in the past 10 years at maximizing the programs available from utility providers in the states of California and Arizona. This group has been recognized as Provider-of-the-Year four times since the program began. Our experience with utility programs and our confidence in our ability to maximize available funding allows US Energy to accept the utility funding on an “at-risk” basis as partial payment towards the installation project. This improves the cash-flow of the installation project for our customers and eliminates the risk of a financial mistake that a less experienced contractor could make.