US Energy Financial Services provides financial solutions which support US Energy division operations. Most energy projects require significant capital to implement. If capital is not readily available, or bond funds have been exhausted, outside funding can allow the customer to implement a facility modernization project, capture the operational savings, pay the debt service and often create a positive cash flow from improvements. US Energy Financial Services provides first and third party loans and leases to fund energy services projects that have a financial return to the customer.

US Energy Financial Services does not provide funding for projects that are not installed under the direct supervision of one of the US Energy companies.

Some of the division’s financial tools are:

  • Short-term bridge financing while a customer awaits funding or utility incentive payments
  • Tax exempt municipal leases for public agencies
  • Standard leases for energy services contracts
  • Standard installment sale contracts
  • “Shared Savings” agreements

As with any financial tool, restrictions apply and the customers must qualify.